Omowale Akintunde

A Collection of Film Shorts

Includes: "Communion" and "Mama 'n 'Em" which was selected for the prestigious Hollywood Black Filmmaker Festival.

Mama' n 'Em (2008)

This gritty, urban melodrama details the life of a 23 year-old African American male,

"K.D.," and his contentious love/hate relationship with the two most important female

figures in his life: "Trina," the mother of his 6 year old child, "Rashan"; and his

mother, "Mama," a proud and determined matriarch. The cast is rounded out by his trio of "partners," Nu Nu, Johnny, and Frankie Boy. K.D. is a conflicted man-child at the epicenter of these characters (Mama 'n' Em) who are all struggling to make him fit

their image of who he is supposed to be.

Communion (2007)

This Film Short was beautifully shot on 16mm black and white film.

It is about the priesthood, murder, and pedophilia.

Short Film (DVD)


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Film / Documentary (DVD)

After Party

Behind The Scenes of the Making of Wigger the Feature Film.

This beautiful documentary and edited by award-winning filmmaker Vikki White, beautifully captures the day to day operations behind the making of "Wigger"


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Film / Documentary (DVD)

Dr. Akintunde wrote the story line for the modern take on the classic Robin Hood story.

In his version, characters take matters into their own hands to rid Rob’s hood (neighborhood) of unsavory influences.

Students in the project learn about writing, composing, developing a character, stage production, and other theatre arts. The experience provides opportunities for creative problem-solving and sends a positive message about the importance of education and being morally responsive citizens to both performers and audience.


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Research-Based Practices in Developmental Disabilities [Paperback]

Howard P. Parette (Editor), George R. Peterson-karlan (Editor), Ravic Ringlaben (Foreword), Omowale Akintunde (Foreword)


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Exposing the Hidden Narratives in Public School Curricula